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This journal is a case study of the costume I will dub the "Down the Rabbithole" dress, by Colleen Atwood for the new Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland (Also called the Garden Dress). It's meant to be separate from my private journal while I post my progress, research and thoughts while I make this costume, and will hopefully inform and entertain other people who are interested in this costume. I am *technically* finished with this costume, but I have more I want to do with it. I will be adding more to this journal as I have time.

My main research webpage can be found here: Rebel's Haven: Alice Research Page
and I am in the process of putting everything on my new site,

Here's a direct link to the tutorials I have already finished on the website. There's more in the notes at the moment here in this journal.


Thanks to Maggie from who always shares the best research pictures, check out her page here: CG's Alice Page

If anyone has pictures to share, please do so! If you are also making this costume, I would love to friend you and see your progress. Please comment on this first entry if you would like to be friended :)
Alice #1


I found the perfect Alice wig, but I'm having trouble deciding which color is the best. The one on the top kinda looks closest, but in some of the lighting situations, the strawberry blonde looks best. Any opinions?

Alice #1


Long time no update...

I got some pics back from Archon. I haven't resized all the stage ones, but here's the ones taken against the backdrop at Archon... some behind the cut...

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I'd still like to get a decent wig for this one as well as make more floof to the skirt. You can also see these on my DeviantArt account :)
Alice Rabbithole

Gloves Instructions Posted!

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone :) Now that I'm done with psycho halloween projects I can get back to some of this...

I just completed the overview and instruction pages for making the gloves and put them on my website:

Gloves: Overview

Gloves: Tutorial

Enjoy, let me know if any links are broken!

Also, I was finally able to get a picture of the whole thing, boots and all:

Also, there's some better quality pictures on this website, mine start at 292. I will have them on the website once I order some prints.

These pics were taken at a local convention, Archon, where I won the Best Workmanship in the Journeyman Category :D
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Yay for exhibits!

Here's some awesome stuff! Maggie of was lucky enough to go see some of the actual Alice costumes at the FIDM exhibit! They don't allow pictures (boo!) but she took down some awesome notes from what she saw. I'm happy that what she's seen of the Down The Rabbithole Dress, or the Garden Dress, is pretty much on par with the research. I'm excited for news on the 2nd Scrap Dress especcially. Here are her notes from the exhibit:

Alice blue "garden dress":
- the selvedge edge of the fabric was used for the seam of the bottom tier of the sheer overskirt - you could see the edge - and that the hem of the skirt had a tiny little rolled hem.
- the silk organza layer was a gray blue in the lighting of FIDM - it was over what looked like a pale blue silk tafetta.
- the front closed with hook and eyes, with the left side lapping the right (with respect to the person wearing the dress). There was piping along the right edge and then a little placket to cover under the hook and eyes.
- the sleeve caps had tiny cartridge pleats and a layer of point d'esprit lace
- on the left side of the skirt (again with respect to the wearer), right by the seam, it was missing a repeat of the embroidery pattern.

Alice "tea party" - which is the scrap dress with the big flower on the front.
- the outer layer looked like a dyed point d'esprit type lace. There were several different types of lace on it, lining the neck edge and hem, for example.
- it looked like blue ribbon that was appliqued to black netting. The big flower had a layer of black netting too.
-And there was a white netting underskirt

Pics here:

Red Queen
- she was missing a gold heart on her underskirt at the very top center
- the sleeves had a layer of black hat veiling over them:

And now I almost believe this was what I couldn't place when trying to figure out what Violet Baudelaire's undersleeves were made of.
- cartridge pleats at the waist

Alice Red dress
- looked like square dance petticoats underneath
- the striped fabric did look like woven fabric and not ribbons appliqued on fabric

We saw a white queen courtier we really liked
- the skirt was organza with gold embroidery, probably overdyed.
- the bodice was like some sort of patterned cut-out vinyl or fake leather over a boned corset.
So pretty.

It's in the pictures here, as are the really gorgeous red queen courtiers:

We also saw this Hatter costume:

Also some more cool stuff, I went to a local convention here called Archon and got the Best In Journeyman Class workmanship award in the Masquerade :D I think I may have to retire this one from contests now ;) I was finally able to get a decent picture that included the hemline, I'm waiting for both the Archon and D*Con prof. pics to come out, but this one's pretty good.

Bodice Contruction Notes - Part 3

Long time no see :) Things are finally calming down a little post-Dragon-Con, but in a week I'm going to be going back to work, this time at JoAnn's. Yes, a fabric store, so I'm in trouble. Best part is, they said they'd work with me when theater jobs come up. Yay! There is a local convention coming up next weekend, and I'm going to try and add another petticoat of silk taffeta to see if that poofs out the skirt more, I felt like mine was kind of flat.

So here's Part 3 of my Bodice Contruction notes. The bodice is now ready for sleeves.

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And a direct link to the first two:

Bodice Construction Notes: Part I
Bodice Construction Notes: Part II

Next up will be finishing the lining, then putting in the closure!
Alice #1

Mini-Post Dragon*Con Report!

Hello, all!

Sorry it's taken so long to post, I came back from D*C to find I had a million and one things to do, so I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment... One of the biggest culprits is I have a toooon of messages to get back to, and I know I've missed some from before, so if I've missed a message from you, sorry for not replying yet, but I really appreciate the comments! Doing my best to play catch-up and to continue with tutorials and such...

First off I met many people who watch this journal at D*C! Glad to meet everyone who came up to me to say hi! I hope you all had as much fun as I had... and I hope your feet fared better... those Alice boots? OOOOUCH... if you get them, get them a half-size larger. My toes were screaming bloody murder.

I was hoping to find a professional quality picture to post, but I haven't run across any yet, so here's one of the only full-view shots I've found so far, from Clockwork_Dandy's Flickr stream:

Not bad, it was a comfortable costume (except the shoes of course ;) ), I do want to add another petticoat for more floof and add more flowers around the sleeves. I'm giving myself a little break after con on it though. I fared really well in all the costume contests, I only got an honorable mention last year, this year I entered 4 contests and placed in all three!
Friday Night Costuming Contest I received an honorable mention
The Hall Costume Contest I got Best Disney Character
In the Young Adult Lit costume contest at the Yule Ball I got Best Workmanship In Show :D

Aaaand, the Jedi got a Staff Favorite in the Star Wars costume contest :)

Hopefully I'll get caught up and get back to posting more tutorial info to the new site.
Fairfarren, all!
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Lace, Socks, and Dragon*Con

My deadline is upon me! Tomorrow is the very last day I have to work on things. I will probably still be up til midnight sewing, but it's not so unmanageable. The skirt has been finished! I still have to make another petticoat out of white silk taffeta later. I bought polyester "anti-static" lining because you can sometimes see the stripes through the silk layers. I spent two days making another petticoat layer, and when I tried it on... well, the silk statically clung to the anti-static lining. *headdesk* So I'll add silk taffeta at a later date since I want more poof anyway.

After a long time searching, I FINALLY found some socks that will work. Alice's socks are thin white cotton with no visible ribbing. I was finally able to find socks like that at Nordstrom. Sometimes you can find socks with no ribbing meant for diabetics at specialty shoe stores, I just had no luck finding any small enough. These would work for the 1st scrap dress, the only problem is the word "Hue" written on the bottom of the foot :p. The stripes on hers look hand-drawn. What I did was put a sock on my mannequin leg, and use a rubberband to keep the lines straight and spaced. It's pretty impossible to do the lines perfect without gaps and hesitation marks, but that's what you want. I used the broad end of a Prismacolor marker, Cool Gray 50%. This is only the first sock, I bought 2 pair so I'm hoping my second pair will look better.

I also got half-way done with my lace! I made a separate undershirt as was suggested by a number of you and I agree it's a good way to go. I'll post more on it after con, but for now a pic of how the lace is coming out.

I am only worried about the neckline now, after con I will add the flowers around the armscye and the extra viney things on other parts of the netting.

So what I have left to do tomorrow is to finish sewing on my lace flowers and add closure to the undershirt, I have to put snaps on my skrit waistband and inside of the bodice to join them, finish the other 3 socks, and shorten my necklace. I think I'll be ok :) I also got my hair lightened a couple shades.

And so this is the last update before Dragon*Con! I will be wearing Alice all day Friday and during the costume contest, and unless something goes wrong or I can't stand the boots anymore, I'll be wearing it again on Sunday and entering in the Yule Ball costume contest. (My Ravenclaw robes are my back-up costume) On Saturday, I will be wearing my Jedi, marching in the parade, and entering the Star Wars costume contest:

So if you see me in either costume, feel free to come up and say hello! Fairfarren all, I will see you after the con, hopefully with pictures :)
Alice Rabbithole


Took me awhile, but I finally figured how to make something resembling the lace. I also have no clue how to write up how to do this, they were difficult to make until I got the hang of it. I made these out of 1/4" wide battenburg lace folded in half, then I did this weird little stitch in the center so I can thread my ribbon through. I'm excited to see what they'll look like mounted on netting. 8 days til deadline...
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Boots and Webpage stuff

I've started putting some content on I still have more stuff here right now, I've started to put some pics on my Alice reference pic gallery.

I also did a full write-up on how I altered my boots. I also linked the helpful tutorials from skarlettfever on how to paint PVC boots, and from mai_sheri on building boots from scratch :)

Speaking of the site, I wanted to post pictures of fan-made costumes, so if any of you would like some pictures of finished costumes (from any character from the movie) put on the site, you can drop me a note with a link to pics, what name you want credited, and any links to blogs or sites.