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Not having much luck with my organza skirt... Took me the last two nights to gather up both portions of skirt, and I pinned a quarter of it before throwing it on the dummy to see how it was hanging... it's hanging horribly, the organza bubbles everywhere. It was obvious I had gathered it too much, and of course I clipped my gathering threads so I have to rip it out and try again. Now I have to figure if I use a smaller stitch, maybe it won't be so 'bubbly', and hopefully if I press my pleats it won't be so bubbly at the top. The two layers don't want to sit together, either, even if I pleat both layers together, the organza wants to be springy while the silk underneath makes nice folds. And, unfort. I can see the stripe of the petticoat through both silk layers, so I guess I'm going to go find a somewhat crisp white lining, which I'm hoping will also help with poof... the weight of the silk was holding down the petticoat and I want the skirt fuller.

Oh well, back to the drawing board, more samples for me :p
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