alice_kingsley (alice_kingsley) wrote,

Alice website

Taking a break from the skirt for a couple days to think about it, so I spent tonight finishing up the layout for my Alice costume site I'm starting. Here's the bare bones of it, it's now ready to start loading up content.

When I started this journal, "Alice Kingsley" was the spelling of the name that was put out, and they later changed it I guess to the "Kingsleigh" spelling, so I got both domain names. I'm going to assemble my construction notes there so things are easier to find and for now the other pages will probably just be image galleries for research purchases, but I'm also interested in putting up a gallery of fan photos of homemade costumes, so if anyone has any finished costume pics and links you can feel free to send them to me to post :) Links to pictures, like from photobucket are preferred
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