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Skirt progress

OK, I've come to a decision on how to make the skirt lay how I want it (I hope)

Before I was making a separate, 1-piece silk underskirt with the tiered organza skirt on top, but found that it wasn't laying right. Now in this pic, if you zoom in on the tiered part, you clearly can see there are two edges on that ruffle, and they lay together pretty well, so it's like they're the same length, and yet, the top tier doesn't seem to be gathered at all.

So what I decided to do was to run a gathering stitch on the bottom tier, but not gather it yet. Then, I turned my silk into a rectangle the same size except an inch taller (already hemmed), then matched up the bottoms and pinned. Then I stitched the satin as close as I could to the gathering stitch line. I ironed down the excess silk, then gathered the 4 1/3 yards down to 2 1/3 yards (I marked the skirt using tailor's tacks into quarters, made it easier to get even). Then, I made a once-inch strip using the other selvage edge, gathered that, then attached that to the back. So, the silk satin was attached, and I faked out the double ruffle out of the selvage edges, and I am then going to simply sew this on top of my top tier.

I haven't decided yet if the those two layers are to be attached, or if they are independant. I'll play with that more tomorrow. I'm at least happy to have half a skirt assembled.

I also figured out how best to curl my hair, and I'll do a tutorial after I've played with adding extensions and after I color my hair more blonde. The weather also cooperated for one last day so I could finish stripping my other boot. The tip is dyed, I painted the eyelets, replaced the laces with silk ribbon, and tomorrow I am going to use shoe polish to finish them and try and paint on a scallop.

12 Days left until my deadline...
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