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Boots done

Done! My dad put a coat of shoe polish on the tips for me. I painted the silver eyelets with 'Natural White' car touch-up paint... it does flake so I have to see if I can seal it, but it looks better than the silver. I replaced the shoelaces with white silk ribbon. She doesn't seem to have a bow on her laces, so I didn't leave much extra, and I just tuck the bow in behind the laces to hide it. I couldn't find a scallop trim, so I took some thin ric rac and trimmed a straight edge, and put fray block on it then glued it on. I'm really satisfied with them, I just hope they don't kill my feet trying to stand in them all day. The last thing I need for these is socks, but for some reason I canNOT find plain white knee-high socks that don't have ribbing. I found some more nylon-type socks but I feel they're too thin, so... I have a few more department stores to try.

And at this moment I have my skirt tiers together, I have to finalize my pleating, line it with an extra petticoat layer then stick it on a waist band. I also figured out how to make something resembling the floral lace at the neckline using Battenburg Lace, hopefully will have it looking decent enough for pics soon :)
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