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01 September 2010 @ 12:58 am
Lace, Socks, and Dragon*Con  
My deadline is upon me! Tomorrow is the very last day I have to work on things. I will probably still be up til midnight sewing, but it's not so unmanageable. The skirt has been finished! I still have to make another petticoat out of white silk taffeta later. I bought polyester "anti-static" lining because you can sometimes see the stripes through the silk layers. I spent two days making another petticoat layer, and when I tried it on... well, the silk statically clung to the anti-static lining. *headdesk* So I'll add silk taffeta at a later date since I want more poof anyway.

After a long time searching, I FINALLY found some socks that will work. Alice's socks are thin white cotton with no visible ribbing. I was finally able to find socks like that at Nordstrom. Sometimes you can find socks with no ribbing meant for diabetics at specialty shoe stores, I just had no luck finding any small enough. These would work for the 1st scrap dress, the only problem is the word "Hue" written on the bottom of the foot :p. The stripes on hers look hand-drawn. What I did was put a sock on my mannequin leg, and use a rubberband to keep the lines straight and spaced. It's pretty impossible to do the lines perfect without gaps and hesitation marks, but that's what you want. I used the broad end of a Prismacolor marker, Cool Gray 50%. This is only the first sock, I bought 2 pair so I'm hoping my second pair will look better.

I also got half-way done with my lace! I made a separate undershirt as was suggested by a number of you and I agree it's a good way to go. I'll post more on it after con, but for now a pic of how the lace is coming out.

I am only worried about the neckline now, after con I will add the flowers around the armscye and the extra viney things on other parts of the netting.

So what I have left to do tomorrow is to finish sewing on my lace flowers and add closure to the undershirt, I have to put snaps on my skrit waistband and inside of the bodice to join them, finish the other 3 socks, and shorten my necklace. I think I'll be ok :) I also got my hair lightened a couple shades.

And so this is the last update before Dragon*Con! I will be wearing Alice all day Friday and during the costume contest, and unless something goes wrong or I can't stand the boots anymore, I'll be wearing it again on Sunday and entering in the Yule Ball costume contest. (My Ravenclaw robes are my back-up costume) On Saturday, I will be wearing my Jedi, marching in the parade, and entering the Star Wars costume contest:

So if you see me in either costume, feel free to come up and say hello! Fairfarren all, I will see you after the con, hopefully with pictures :)
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