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09 October 2010 @ 08:51 pm
Yay for exhibits!  
Here's some awesome stuff! Maggie of CostumersGuide.com was lucky enough to go see some of the actual Alice costumes at the FIDM exhibit! They don't allow pictures (boo!) but she took down some awesome notes from what she saw. I'm happy that what she's seen of the Down The Rabbithole Dress, or the Garden Dress, is pretty much on par with the research. I'm excited for news on the 2nd Scrap Dress especcially. Here are her notes from the exhibit:

Alice blue "garden dress":
- the selvedge edge of the fabric was used for the seam of the bottom tier of the sheer overskirt - you could see the edge - and that the hem of the skirt had a tiny little rolled hem.
- the silk organza layer was a gray blue in the lighting of FIDM - it was over what looked like a pale blue silk tafetta.
- the front closed with hook and eyes, with the left side lapping the right (with respect to the person wearing the dress). There was piping along the right edge and then a little placket to cover under the hook and eyes.
- the sleeve caps had tiny cartridge pleats and a layer of point d'esprit lace
- on the left side of the skirt (again with respect to the wearer), right by the seam, it was missing a repeat of the embroidery pattern.

Alice "tea party" - which is the scrap dress with the big flower on the front.
- the outer layer looked like a dyed point d'esprit type lace. There were several different types of lace on it, lining the neck edge and hem, for example.
- it looked like blue ribbon that was appliqued to black netting. The big flower had a layer of black netting too.
-And there was a white netting underskirt

Pics here:

Red Queen
- she was missing a gold heart on her underskirt at the very top center
- the sleeves had a layer of black hat veiling over them:

And now I almost believe this was what I couldn't place when trying to figure out what Violet Baudelaire's undersleeves were made of.
- cartridge pleats at the waist

Alice Red dress
- looked like square dance petticoats underneath
- the striped fabric did look like woven fabric and not ribbons appliqued on fabric

We saw a white queen courtier we really liked
- the skirt was organza with gold embroidery, probably overdyed.
- the bodice was like some sort of patterned cut-out vinyl or fake leather over a boned corset.
So pretty.

It's in the pictures here, as are the really gorgeous red queen courtiers:

We also saw this Hatter costume:

Also some more cool stuff, I went to a local convention here called Archon and got the Best In Journeyman Class workmanship award in the Masquerade :D I think I may have to retire this one from contests now ;) I was finally able to get a decent picture that included the hemline, I'm waiting for both the Archon and D*Con prof. pics to come out, but this one's pretty good.