December 9th, 2019

Alice #1

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This journal is a case study of the costume I will dub the "Down the Rabbithole" dress, by Colleen Atwood for the new Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland (Also called the Garden Dress). It's meant to be separate from my private journal while I post my progress, research and thoughts while I make this costume, and will hopefully inform and entertain other people who are interested in this costume. I am *technically* finished with this costume, but I have more I want to do with it. I will be adding more to this journal as I have time.

My main research webpage can be found here: Rebel's Haven: Alice Research Page
and I am in the process of putting everything on my new site,

Here's a direct link to the tutorials I have already finished on the website. There's more in the notes at the moment here in this journal.


Thanks to Maggie from who always shares the best research pictures, check out her page here: CG's Alice Page

If anyone has pictures to share, please do so! If you are also making this costume, I would love to friend you and see your progress. Please comment on this first entry if you would like to be friended :)